Jo Bywater 'Chasing Tales'

Capturing a bluesy and dynamic sound with every release, Liverpool's finest female singer/songwriter Jo Bywater is back with a new EP entitled 'Chasing Tales'. Following on from 2010's debut 'Cycle Grace Pulse Break', Bywater has continued to develop her artistic credibility and has become a familiar face on the Liverpool music scene and gig circuit. Released in September, 'Chasing Tales' is a subtle, intimate affair that immerses listeners entirely.
Opening on a beautifully acoustic number with 'Chopping Wood', Bywater welcomes us to a world where Mumford & Sons have fused their sounds together with Californian rockers Queens of the Stone Age, resulting in a dusty, desert-worthy track that sees Bywater prematurely peak. Proving herself to be an exciting new voice 'This Garden' is another minimalist effort that goes above and beyond, leaving a lasting impression that low-key affairs are what Bywater excels at.
With a fresh crop of artists up north demonstrating exactly why it is that Britain is musically rich, it would be a shame for the artists to concentrate too greatly on that area. To improve her standing, Bywater should expand further afield and share her sounds with the masses instead of those lucky few up north.

Words Lauren Wade

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